Bark Beetle epidemic: report from the Triglavski National Park in Slovenia

The ‘8 toothed bark beetle’ attacks spruce trees killing them within 10 weeks. A massive tree felling campaign has cut 5 million m3 of spruce in 3 years to try to stop the spread. And yet the beetle population is still growing due to warmer summers promoting breeding at higher altitudes threatening 45% of Slovenia’s forests

The making of ‘Dr Green’ : The new documentary film by ‘Cereal Killers’ producer Donal O’Neill

Health indicators were scientifically measured of 5 high level executives during a 3 day ‘back to nature’ living experiment. Sleeping in hammocks and bathing in cold streams


Bristol:  ‘Green Capital of Europe’ official photographer

Opening and closing ceremonies. A 15 event art project. Awards ceremonies. Portraits of green champions for poster campaign. ‘Bristol whales’ installation, visits by environmentalist Sir Jonathon Porritt.

“It Doesn’t Stop Here” campaign

Photographer for ‘Bristol Green Capital of Europe’ legacy poster campaign 


Photographer for Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson CBE 

International expert on carbon emissions COP21, sustainable & smart cities


Photography Bristol’s “The Big Book”

A photographic celebration of the practices of the award winning ‘Healthy Schools’ initiative in Bristol. To share with other European cities.