Polar Ocean Challenge Expedition. Arctic climate change awareness sailing expedition led by Sir David Hempleman-Adams

Directed external communications for climate change awareness expedition led by Sir David Hempleman-Adams. Reaching circa 100million worldwide during the 4 months it took a small sailing boat to circumnavigate the Arctic through melted sea ice.

Promotional film-making and photography. @polaroceanchall polarocean.co.uk, youtube channel

Climate Change in Greenland, Polar Ocean Challenge project 2016

Interviews with Greenlandic people about their experience of climate change

‘Basecamp’ dog-sledding culture of Svalbard

Dog sledding and the hunter trapper lifestyle is the cultural heritage of Svalbard. Now dogsledding is mainly for tourists. Snow is coming later, each year and winters are shorter. When there is no snow, the dogs are exercised using road karts.

Пирамида, Piramida ‘The northern-most place in the world’.

Abandoned mining settlement near the Isfjord glacier in Svalbard, surrounded by pyramidic mountains. All 1000 inhabitants left by yr 2000.

Barentsburg: A remote Russian coalmining settlement in Svalbard

Accessible only by ship or helicopters in the summer, and by snowmobile or dog sleds in the winter. There are 500 inhabitants mainly Ukranian and Russian